Infinity Taxidermy Design


Infinity Taxidermy Design opened its doors fall of 2016. The Journey has been incredible and nothing short of entertaining. I attended taxidermy school at the Advanced Taxidermy Training Canter in Northwest Montana. And continue to keep up to date on education and training. Continuing to learn new techniques and tricks to the trade. 

How does a girl decide to become a taxidermist?!

Let me tell you...

After moving back home to Wyoming in 2012 I began hunting for the first time. After all this time I found the one thing I had been missing my whole life. With a burning new interest in the outdoors and the hunting community I was determined to find a new career that followed these passions. After a few years of working as a stylist and having a successful management career in the technology industry  I soon found myself yearning for a new challenge. With the business drive and eye for design it lead me to opening Infinity Taxidermy Design. The journey has been quite fun and is something I am incredibly proud to be doing. Not many people can turn their passions into  career. 

Our Services

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Shoulder Mounts

One of the most popular ways to display your trophy. Our custom shoulder mounts are created with our customer in mind. Each one as unique as you.

European Mounts and Horn Plaques

Skull cleaning available for most species.

Life Size

If you would like to really show off that beautiful trophy of yours life size is definitely the way to go. Available for North American and African species.


Rugging and tanning services available.